Sunday, August 7, 2011

Johan Thorn-Prikker: Jugendstil to Abstraction

Today was the last day for an exhibit I just heard of... today.

Johan Thorn Prikker - Mit allen Regeln der Kunst. Vom Jugendstil zur Abstraktion
rough translation -
With All the Tricks of Art. From Art Nouveau to Abstraction
, at the Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf, Germany. All of the material I'm linking to is in German and German only, so maybe it's not too surprising that the word hasn't spread too quickly to the USA.

Ecce Homo, 1913, Kenstmuseen Krefield

I've mentioned Thorn Prikker here before (Johan Thorn-Prikker Video - 2007 and Thorn Prikker Picasa Pix - 2008) and noted that I tend to lean toward the Jugendstill Thorn Prikker more than the Abstraktion Thorn Prikker. What I can see of the exhibition on the web just reinforces that.

Make sure to download the very nice pdf file that is a kind of travelogue of Thorn-Prikker sites. Auf den Spuren von Johan Thorn Prikker - Kunstroute
In the footsteps of Johan Thorn Prikker - Art Route
The file is 29 pages long, with a fair number of images, all making up a tour of Thorn Prikker glass sites. Very interesting.

Here is a link to a video walkthrough of the exhibit. I wish there were more of this on the web, giving at least a rough approximation of how the layout worked and what was exhibited.
Mediathek - kultiversum video on Thorn Prikker Exhibit

The name of the video is given as "Hindu-Epos im Treppenhaus", translating at Hindu Epic in the Stairwell. Is that a mistake? Mistranslation? Odd German bit of humor? I have no idea. But it is an interesting video.

Below the fold is a Google Translate German-to-English version of the main Thorn-Prikker exhibit page...