Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Austin Wall

On the Forbes website (with tons of ads, alas), from a few weeks ago -
Old And New Tech Combine In An Artistic Masterpiece

Interesting article about a new glass art commission in a courthouse in Austin, Texas - though it is a bit of a stretch to say that the stained glass technology they are using here is "old".
The appropriate quote -
Of course, in addition to the new technology of 3D imaging, Ross also relied heavily on an older one – stained glass. Although it was conceived on a computer screen, Ross and his studio worked in conjunction with Franz Mayer of Munich Co. to hand make each piece of stained glass used in the work. The glass was composed in two layers – the front layer was engraved, hand painted and fired. The back layer was digitally printed, fired, hand painted, then fired again. The two layers of glass were then laminated together.
This kind of laminated artwork has only been around for a few decades, so 'older technology' doesn't seem quite right. Still, the article and gallery are lengthy and worth a look/read.