Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Archiving Digital Image Files Powerpoint 2019

Archiving Digital Image Files
Tom Krepcio
2018 American Glass Guild Conference
Cleveland, OH
June 2018

Why Me?
I've been working with Computer Graphics in Stained Glass since 1993.
I created the blog Vitreosity (2004-present) and was the editor of AGGnews (2010-2015).
Since 1993, I have generated tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of digital image files to store and maintain. Many have been lost with changes in file formats, storage technologies, operating systems, etc.The working computer files for the years 1993-1999 are almost totally gone.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Archiving Digital Image Files

I will be giving a talk at the 2018 American Glass Guild Conference in Cleveland OH. I'll be the last speaker of the conference, Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 3:40pm. The  topic will be "Archiving Digital files". Here is the description I gave them for the talk -

With the advent of digital photography, the sheer number of images produced is virtually exploding. Though these digital images are easy to copy and share, they are not easy to archive. Where and how to archive digital images has become of paramount importance to anyone who uses images to market their work, and even more to those who wish to document their work for future generations. I will discuss the dangers ahead as it relates to stained glass images both in new work and restoration. Some advice on how to handle digital images in the short term will be given.

The gist of the talk will be about the possible large loss of images in the name of having many more. Various storage choices and a general strategy of how to handle volumes of images will be presented.

In the meantime, a .jpg of the flyer I had on hand.

A work in progress...