Friday, April 7, 2023

New Yorker Easter Week Issue 1952

Cover by Abe Birnbaum (1899-1966)
The New Yorker  -  April 12, 1952

The New Yorker website's page on the issue.
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The only info on the web about Birnbaum is the New York Times obituary on Abe Birnbaum.
ABE BIRNBAUM, 67, ILLUSTRATOR, DIES; Drew Nearly 200 Covers for The New Yorker
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The only info not behind a paywall I could find about him is this quote -

“Nothing is ugly. Everything is what it is.”

I wonder whether this cover would be controversial if published today?
Maybe, but probably not as controversial as the cover by Art Spiegelman -
New Yorker cover Spiegelman IRS crucifies Easter bunny 4/17 1995