Thursday, October 26, 2017

Temple Sholom Open House Chicago

Temple Sholom - Open House - Chicago, IL, Sunday, October 15, 2017

I first heard of the stained glass at Temple Sholom when I was helping organize the 2016 American Glass Guild Conference. Vic Rothman is a long standing member of the AGG and Vic recommended Temple Sholom as a site to be on a tour of contemporary stained glass in Chicago. Vic had worked on an unusual stained glass commission there and I was intrigued. Sadly, the tour never happened at the conference, but I'd held in back of my mind the idea of visiting the Temple since then.

On the weekend of October 14-15. 2017, there was an event called 'Open House Chicago', put on by the Chicago Architectural Foundation. One site at the event was Temple Sholom. It was the perfect introduction to the stained glass, as they had members of the temple thoughout the buildings with back stories about the building and the windows.

I have 124 images, mostly of the stained glass, on my VitreosityPictures Flickr Album.
Temple Sholom Open House Chicago 2017 

Highlights (click on any image to see larger size) -

Leon Golub and the Joseph Windows
These are the ones Vic worked on and they are pretty astonishing and unusual. Layered flashed glass.

Full article below the fold

The Rupture Between Joseph and his Brothers 
Golub was an especially political artist, with this being a typical image.
Leon Golub, “Interrogation III” (1981)
(image courtesy Serpentine Galleries, image © READS 2015 )
Quoting Golub himself:
I think of myself as a kind of reporter; I report on the nature of certain events. I think of art as a report on civilization at a certain time. It tells about the confidence of hierarchies, how hierarchy is expressed: who is included and who is not. 
signature - with credits!

- sidenote -
One surprise in seeing these windows is how so similar the technique is to my own multi-layer flashed glass windows, especially the Pink Angel panel, from the mid-90's, though on a much smaller scale. This layered glass is only about 3.5" x 5" big. 
Pink Angel with layers, Tom Krepcio, 1992

Corridors of Contemporary Stained Glass - 

The corridors of the Temple feature an ongoing survey of late 20th century stained glass.

Matriarch Windows
Miriam Shapiro

Matriarch Windows by Miraim Shapiro
Detail, Sarah Window
Karel Appel

Two Prophets and Three Scrolls
Nehemiah Azaz

The Book of Proverbs (with detail showing layering technique)

Jack Goldstein / The Greenland Studio, 1989
Article about Mel Greenland

Beit Chapel
unknown makers circa 1955
There are more conventional looking painted stained glass windows as well. These are two nice details from the Genesis window.

Even the doors have interesting stained glass -

Thanks to all at Temple Sholom for the wonderfully welcoming event.


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